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Italian Conversation Online Services

Italian Conversation Online Services

My mission is to assist you in speaking the Italian language fluently while you explore the exquisite beauty of our slow-living culture in exclusive 1-to-1 lessons.

Our Italian Conversation Lessons will be a journey to tranquillity all while you learn the vocabulary that truly matters to you.

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I offer Italian Conversation Online Services with a unique twist, in a private and cozy Tuscan atmosphere. 

During our conversations, you won’t just practice Italian; I’ll guide you into the tranquility of our countryside, where each step becomes a journey of serenity and self-discovery.

I’ll gently take your hand, leading you through the winding paths of ancient towns, where history whispers secrets through every cobblestone. Together, we’ll venture into lush woods, where collecting herbs becomes a sensory delight, allowing you to connect with the Center Italy peace.

I’ll virtually take you to charming markets, where you’ll savor local flavors and rediscover the joy of simple pleasures

During our Italian Conversations, if you desire, I’ll also encourage you to connect with your inner world, providing moments of reflection and introspection

These dialogues are not just about language but also personal growth, self-discovery and of course “Dolce fa Niente” mindset.

If you feel you resonate with all of this, please complete this form to be considered for a free video call with me so we can determine if we make a good match to work together.

The video call can be conducted in Italian, English, or Spanish, but please note that to participate in the Conversation Lessons, you should have a basic understanding of Italian because they will be 100% in the Italian language.

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