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A Journey to Serenity and Simplicity

About Me and this Blog

About Me and this Blog

Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to my blog, your sanctuary of beauty for healing yourself with the art of slow living in the heart of Italy. 

I am Verónica, a passionate advocate of the elegance of simplicity, living a slow life between the enchanting regions of Tuscany, Umbria, and Latium.

Allow me to walk hand in hand with you and infuse your life with the secrets of harmoniously slow-living charm, where simplicity and elegance coexist.

Our Journey in this Blog

I’ll guide you into the tranquility of the Italian  countryside, where every step becomes a journey of serenity and inner discovery.

I’ll gently take your hand, leading you through the winding paths of ancient towns, where history whispers secrets in every cobblestone. 

Together, we’ll venture into lush woods, where collecting herbs becomes a sensory delight, and listen to the Nature allows to connect with your soul.

I’ll take you to charming markets, where you’ll savor local flavors and we’ll rediscover the joy of simple pleasures, like watching autumn leaves blanket a path, reading your favorite book under the pergola, and preparing ancient recipes to share with your loved ones, to evoke that sense of childlike wonder that resides inside you and holds the secret of joy.

My Whys

To gain a deeper insight into this blog and understand why I believe in nothing but Nature and a slow life, take a moment to explore below. 

For many years, starting from the tender age of 15, my obsession to find inner peace embarked on a journey that began within the realms of traditional religions.

I sought solace in age-old wisdom and spiritual traditions, hoping to find the serenity I longed for. Soon, I encountered the captivating vision of the new age, delving deep into esoteric teachings and following the guidance of a multitude of gurus, each offering their “true path” to enlightenment. I also experimented with various personal development techniques but nothing seemed to work, so I decided to explore the intricacies of neurolinguistic programming and engaged in countless coaching sessions

Over time, a disheartening truth became evident: none of these paths could provide lasting, true happiness, but rather only temporary and ephemeral solutions, not just for me, but for almost anyone.

If these methods truly worked as they claimed, our world would be overflowing with content and joyful people. Yet, the reality paints a different picture. Each day, more and more people seem to tread the path of unhappiness and deteriorating health.

I find it curious because simultaneously the landscapes of “personal wellness” continues to grow with the emergence of new professions and the birth of fresh gurus. This fact raises a perplexing question: if these methodologies were genuinely effective for modern life, shouldn’t we see a decline in the demand for personal development professions and a decrease in the number of self-proclaimed gurus each passing year?

In the midst of this, I couldn’t help but feel that there was something shady and I couldn’t maintain my alignment with this journey any longer.

As the realization of this trap set in, I felt isolated and melancholic, stupid and naive, and those feelings made me depressed for a long time.

After searching and searching for a new path, I found solace only by returning to Nature and simplicity, understanding that ‘simplicity’ is far from being synonymous with ‘gracelessness’.

It was here, amidst the landscapes of Tuscany, Umbria, and Latium, in the embrace of the slow living elegance, that I found my sanctuary. Surrounded by the serene beauty of the woods, plucking wildflowers, cooking time-honored recipes, delving into age-old traditions, and wandering through ancient towns, I discovered the profound and lasting peace I was looking for.

It’s this tranquil existence that I want to share with you because believe me, as the 19th-century Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky said: Beauty will save the world.

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