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The Knowledge Journey: Exploring Life’s Depths

The Knowledge Journey: Exploring Life’s Depths

I’ve spent most of my life studying so many different topics: from religion to archaeology and mythology; from marketing to psychology; from astronomy to astrology, and my passion for knowledge has never waned

I remember that I started when I was very young, around the same time I learned to read, consulting the books that we had at home in my parents’ library. It wasn’t very large, the library, and there weren’t hundreds of books, but what was there was enough for me. I had everything I needed to start what now I call “the knowledge journey“.

But as I grew up, I started to ask myself about the usefulness of knowing so many topics (aside from knowing myself better, of course) and I began to lose my sense of direction and purpose in life because I was so confused.

Now, I realize that I lived through many years, especially in my adolescence, feeling deeply depressed. Even though I led a”‘normal life”, there was always a feeling of emptiness following me wherever I went. And now I know that this is a common feeling among those who have studied a lot, because knowledge needs to be explained and digested.

I felt empty because so many reasons that I cannot explain here, but one of those was that I believed life couldn’t be just about studying, learning, and studying again.

At certain point, I couldn’t understand why I had to keep on studying and why I was so obsessed with knowledge since I realized that for me knowledge was the bridge that connected me to the world and helped me to understand and love it.

In other words, I’m not able to love something or someone that I don’t understandNeither myself. 

It’s not about being perfect; it’s about connection because I could be the most imperfect being in the world and still love myself because I understand the reasons behind my imperfections.

I repeat: knowledge is about understanding because this creates connection

Therefore, the more I understand life, people, and situations, along with the reasons behind them, the more capable I am of loving them. So, my personal mission is to understand myself, life, and the people participating in this journey. By doing so, I can expand my awareness, understanding, empathy, and, of course, my capacity to love (myself, life, and others). 

All of these aspects lead me to my second mission, which is not personal this time, but related to every one of us – to my contribution and service because nobody can be here without giving something to life, and even if you think you are not giving, you are.

The fact is this: you can give consciously or unconsciously, but it’s always giving and this deserves an explanation.

The ‘Earth Game,’ as I call it, is a very complex game, and not just that, it’s also a collective game, which means that we are all playing together. So, if you want to live better, reach your goals, or make your dreams come true, you need to understand that this Game has its own rules and plans, and most of us have no idea what these rules or plans are, but that’s fine. 

Just keep in mind that this is a Game in which every player must make their contribution, consciously or not. If you are conscious, you can improve, you can evolve, and you can understand the game better, and, most importantly, you can diminish suffering and frustration because knowledge brings wisdom.

The only thing we have to know is that each one of us must give something back simply because we are alive. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but life is not free; we have to pay for it. And by this, I don’t mean pay with money, but with our contribution in order to evolve as a species (and we have a lot of work to do).

The fact is this: as a living species, we are very backward and underdeveloped. Why am I saying this? Well, I could talk about the fact that we still wage war against each other.
Now, you might say that’s not true because neither you nor I make war on anybody, but let me tell you that you are wrong: we always engage in war, but we do it differently.
We wage war against ourselves when we don’t respect our needs, when we use language against ourselves; in other words, when we don’t love ourselves enough.
We wage war when we argue with our partners by screaming or speaking loudly instead of putting ourselves in their shoes.
We wage war when we use bad words or profanity.
We wage war when we fight or offend someone on the street, maybe because they occupied our place in the parking lot.
We are soaked in war, but we prefer to think that war is outside, that’s the politician’s fault, right?

But let’s take a closer look at our lives: the majority doesn’t care about other people, for example, when most of us are talking with someone we are actually not listening. We lack empathy, we are selfish.

Moreover, there are a lot of people (even in “civilized” countries) who have no idea about how to take care of their own body and health; they eat junk food, they don’t even care about their personal hygiene, and if we want to go further, they neither care about their spirituality.

Nobody seems to realize that, in almost all Western countries, even though we have potable water in our houses and are technologically advanced, we are still monkeys. Yes, our society is made up mostly of monkeys dressed well and glued to their smartphones.

I’m sure that a small group of people on this planet can see what I’m describing, and as we can see this, we MUST to help unevolved humanity step into the next level. That’s our contribution to the Game.

Of course, I’m not talking about “enlightening” them. I’m talking about educating these people to start taking care of themselves in the way they can and considering their level of consciousness and capabilities. 

For example: we cannot teach somebody who doesn’t clean their body to meditate every morning; that would be impossible, but we can teach them how to clean themselves and maintain their own hygiene.
We also cannot teach somebody who eats junk food to start running, but we can help them diminish the amount of junk food they eat by starting to adopt healthier habits.

So, my contribution to the Game is to help people step up to their own next level depending on where they are right now. And I have to do this while I’m evolving too. 

In order to do that, both, I and they, need to break our own mental models because the only thing between us and our next level are our toxic beliefs.

If you understood what I said, your contribution is the same as mine. Please start it.

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