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In the Shade of Wisdom: Learning from Trees and Growth

In the Shade of Wisdom: Learning from Trees and Growth

When I was in my twenties, I used to believe that, in comparison to humans, trees were a form of superior beings, and I harbored the desire to become one.

For a long time, I believed that I didn’t like this reality, the third dimension as it’s called, and all I wanted was to become a giant oak to disappear and not be human anymore.

Of course, in my forties, I don’t want to disappear anymore and I love to be human. However, let me explain something about trees that most people still miss. Because the problem wasn’t and isn’t about being human. The issue, if we want to call it that, is the need to experience reality in a deeper way, to breath life in its entirety, without judgment, as a tree does.

Yes, from ‘breathing’ it, because life is meant to be breathed. It should flood your body with the energy and power of the whole creation, like an electric shock that helps you remember you are God itself.

It’s no coincidence that ancient civilizations considered trees as sacred beings. Let’s explore some of them:

Ancient Sacred Trees

The Sky-High Tree, revered in Hungarian shamanism.
The Golden Apple Tree, situated in the Garden of Hesperides in Greek mythology and guarded by a dragon.
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Judaism and Christianity mythology.
Yggdrasil, the World Tree in Norse mythology.

And let’s not forget about wishing trees, still present today in many parts of the world, not necessarily linked to religion. I myself hung an object from the branches of wishing tree in Umbria a year ago to make a wish. Was I serious? Yes, why not?

The Perfect Union Between the Three Worlds

Trees embody what I call “the most complete row-living experience“.

Their roots are firmly planted in the soil, connecting them to the underworld. Simultaneously, their trunks, representing their bodies, exist in between, allowing them to experience earthly life. Finally, their branches extend into the heavens, directly in contact with the energy of the sun, stars, planets, and galaxies.

Moreover, trees exist in complete symbiosis with natural elements, aligning with the forces that govern the universe itself.

When the air brushes against their branches, they become the air itself, swaying with the wind’s rhythm.

When the rain falls, they receive the water through their roots, drinking it to nurture new life.

They even embrace the fire on the hottest summer days, and I imagine they can taste and smell the flavors of their environment through their rough bark.

Trees are wise beings, absorbing knowledge and secrets from the three realms: underground, earth, and heaven.

Wisdom and Knowledge Rituals

It is because of these reasons that the ancients regarded trees as sacred, engaging in various rituals to connect with them and absorb some of their wisdom and knowledge.

At times, they went as far as mixing their own blood with the roots and soil where the tree was grounded.

Please note: human sacrifices were unrelated to these practices, as they were only associated with “god” and ‘gods’ that were more similar to humans than to powerful beings. Always remember: nature doesn’t demand human sacrifices. Just “god” and “gods” do that.

So, how can we, humans from the 21st century, incorporate trees wisdom in our chaotic and busy life?  

Simple Practices for Modern Living

Incorporating the wisdom of trees into our modern lives can involve simple yet profound practices.

For example spending time in nature, observing the resilience and adaptability of trees, can inspire us to cultivate patience and resilience in our own lives.

You can take a stroll in the woods or countryside, kick off your shoes, and feel the ground beneath your feet to connect with the tree roots that, though unseen, thrive underground, absorbing the wisdom of the soil.

Of course, you can also embrace a tree and linger as long as you wish. Share your story, your pains, and your dreams with it.

If you’ve never tried it, it might seem strange, but let me assure you that even if it appears as though the tree isn’t interested in what you’re saying, doing, or asking, it truly is. Whether it’s after a day, a week, or even a year, I promise you’ll hear a voice emerging from deep within yourself, offering the guidance you need at just the right moment.

You might think it’s your own voice, but in reality, it’s the seed of the tree planted inside you that’s finally sprouting. Believe me, I’ve been through it myself.


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