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Become the Friend You Deserve

Become the Friend You Deserve

Do you remember your best friend? Or your mother, father, child, sister… That person you truly care about and for whom you’re always there, at any hour, for anything they need. The one to whom you only give good advice and unconditional support.

You remind them how beautiful and important they are and that they must take care of themselves. That special being who allows you to bring out your best qualities: love, compassion, empathy… That person with whom you can be the best version of yourself. Aren’t they lucky to have a friend like you? Of course they are!

But then, when it’s your turn to be your own best friend and treat yourself the same way, you hesitate. You become a different person, and sometimes even mean! “I’m ugly”, “I’m not good enough”, “others are smarter than me”, “I’ll never succeed”…

Why do you behave this way, one can’t really say, after all, each of us have different motivations for self-harm. But you know what? It would take so little to turn your life around… a few more smiles in front of the mirror, a kind word when you’re feeling demotivated… just like you do with your best friend.

Think about it.

Why don’t you try being the kindest version of yourself with yourself for once? Bring out the best in you, FOR YOU. What’s the worst that could happen? Come on… run in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Now say something nice to the person you see in front of you. Come on, nobody’s watching!

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