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Finding Harmony in February: A Journey of Grounding and Detoxification in Tuscan Splendor

Finding Harmony in February: A Journey of Grounding and Detoxification in Tuscan Splendor

Like every year at this time, these marvelous lands bless us with a mild climate and increasingly warm days. As I mentioned in the previous post, even though it is still winter, you can feel that spring is approaching and smell it in the air.

People have begun to venture out of their homes, or “nests” as I like to call them, to enjoy the tranquility, the sounds, and the freshness of the first cut grass and trees of the year. In fact, on sunny days, farmers and peasants usually go outside to begin preparing their lands for the next planting season.

Good and positive vibrations fill the air.

As the weather becomes warmer and the sun starts to heat the soil again, I feel the need to ground myself in the earth. So, one of the first things I do when the climate starts to become gentle is enjoy taking off my shoes and walking from my home to the beach to recharge myself with the energy of the earth and, at the same time, admire the most beautiful sunsets of the year reflecting in the water of the largest volcanic lake in Europe.

Furry Companions: Delighting in the Magic of February Strolls

Of course, my cats always keep me company, and they come with me along the path from my sweet home to the beach.

In the spring season and in the first days of summer, when the grass is tall and vegetation blooms everywhere, I used to lose sight of them as they have fun hidden in the grass. But now, with the lands around empty, I can see them jumping from one place to another, playing hide and seek as if they were children!

Actually, now that I think about it, my furry companions also enjoy this magical month!

Twilight Serenity and Purple Sunsets

One of February’s unique natural phenomena is its breathtaking twilight when you can see everything around you with extreme clarity, as if reality were a high-definition fantasy movie.

While colors are fading, you can admire every single form, from the trees to wild animals running in the fields; from the villas to the birds flying away (some of them returning to their nests, others leaving because for them the day starts at night). But not only that, another characteristic of February is its purple sunsets with rounded and low clouds that look like whipped cream.

Every time I look at a February sunset, I feel healthy, full of life, happy but not excited. It’s more a calm and centered happiness, a sort of balance that comes from my deepest self.

The Real Slow Month of Tranquility and Renewal

February is what I call ‘the real slow month‘ because, at the same time, you can enjoy the benefits of living outside in contact with nature without the chaos of March, April, and so on, which are more touristy months.

For this reason, my favorite outdoor activities are grounding and going for 4-6 hour walks with my partner: I know that I’ll be able to enjoy myself without encountering anybody in the surroundings that could disturb my peace

A special chapter deserves my February detox routine because every year, for fifteen days, I cleanse my gut of worms by drinking a tincture that allows me to purify from the inside. This practice allows me to prepare my body and my soul to welcome the Spring season and be energetically disposed to embrace the new energies that are coming.

February evokes peace of mind for me, the feeling that assures you that everything is going to be fine no matter what. A sense of letting go and a huge embrace of the universe at the same time.

In February, I feel at home.

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