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Our Energy is Our Currency of Exchange

Our Energy is Our Currency of Exchange

We live in an era where our personal energy has become one of the most valuable resources we possess. Well, actually, it has always been this way, with the only difference being that now, in 2023, there are many more people who can “read” the energy you carry with you and, consequently, choose whether to be close to you or not.

In other words, it is increasingly difficult to hide our energetic state, and this is actually a good thing because if we don’t want to remain alone or surrounded by people of little value, then we must work on ourselves to always have clean energy.

Energy as Currency

Think of energy as a currency that we use in our daily interactions. Every time we relate to others, we invest our energy. It is important to be aware of how we use this currency and how we can preserve and increase it.

Imagine being in a situation where you have dirty, negative, and toxic energy. This could lead you to attract people with the same unhealthy energy who constantly complain, criticize others, and transmit negativity. On the contrary, if you have clean and positive energy, you will attract people who radiate joy, kindness, and mutual support.

Clean Energy vs. Dirty Energy

Clean energy is what nourishes us, invigorates us, and makes us feel alive. It is a loving, compassionate energy devoid of judgment. When we are in contact with clean energy, we feel inspired and full of vitality. On the other hand, dirty energy is what drains us, weakens us, and makes us feel exhausted. It is negative, toxic, and harmful energy that can contaminate our relationships as well as our professional life. Those who are forced to work in an environment characterized by conflicts, gossip, and lack of support, and come home tired and sometimes without even the strength to embrace their loved ones, know this well.

The Importance of Nurturing Our Energy

To maintain clean energy, it is vital that we take care of ourselves, and this naturally includes a balanced diet, adequate rest, physical activity, and time for relaxation. Additionally, dedicating moments for reflection and meditation can help purify our energy and restore inner balance.

Of all these practices, Qi Gong is certainly the one that helps us the most because, through working on the meridians, it immediately rebalances the energy flow within the body, allowing us to have an energized mind and radiate positivity and vitality even in the most hostile environments.

Awareness in Relationships

Our relationships are fertile ground for energy exchange. Whether it’s friendships, family relationships, or professional connections, it is important to be aware of how we interact with others and the energy we are investing or receiving.

Energy in Work and Success

Our work and success are closely tied to our energy. When we are full of positive energy, we are more productive, creative, and capable of facing challenges with confidence. Positive energy allows us to maintain a proactive attitude, find innovative solutions, and maintain a mindset open to change. On the other hand, when our energy is dirty or depleted, it can negatively affect our performance and our ability to achieve our goals. Therefore, cultivating and preserving our energy is essential for success in work and life.

In conclusion, our energy is a currency of exchange that influences every aspect of our daily life. From the quality of our relationships to our emotional well-being, it determines the type of experiences we attract. Investing in maintaining clean and positive energy is a fundamental action to ensure healthy relationships, fulfilling work, and a successful life.

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