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There is No Act More Sacred Than Starting the Day Taking Care of Yourself

There is No Act More Sacred Than Starting the Day Taking Care of Yourself

In the frenzy of modern life, we often find ourselves immersed in a chaotic routine that makes us forget to take care of ourselves, and from the moment the alarm clock rings, we have already been condemned to be the last wheel on the wagon. In this article, I will teach you how to cultivate physical, mental, and emotional well-being from the early hours of the day, even if you have very little time to dedicate to yourself.

The importance of establishing a morning ritual to achieve results in very little time

Starting the day with a morning ritual of self-care allows us to establish a deep connection with ourselves. This sacred act allows us to nourish our body, calm the mind, and prepare ourselves to face the day with calmness and awareness. “Of course, V – I can already hear your voice – it all sounds very nice, but time is what it is, and finding a space to take care of myself becomes increasingly difficult.”

I know it very well, and that’s why I practice Qi Gong! Because it is the only physical activity – and I speak to you with scientific research in hand – that with just 15 minutes a day allows you to achieve extraordinary results not only in taking care of your body but also your emotions and spirituality.

Scientific Studies that Highlight the Benefits of Qi Gong Even With a Few Minutes of Weekly Practice

Now I will show you three studies that demonstrate that even a short practice of Qi Gong, carried out for a few minutes per week, can bring significant benefits to health and general well-being, achieving improvements both physically and mentally.

Effects of a Short-Term Qi Gong Training Program on Stress and Anxiety Levels in University Students“: This study showed that a short daily practice of Qi Gong for a period of only two weeks led to significant reductions in stress and anxiety levels in university students. Participants reported a greater sense of calmness and emotional well-being.

Effects of Brief Qi Gong Exercises on Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial“: The research examined the effects of short Qi Gong sessions, lasting only a few minutes a day, on breast cancer survivors experiencing fatigue. The results indicated a significant decrease in fatigue and an increase in energy among participants who regularly practiced Qi Gong compared to the control group.

Effects of a Short-Term Qi Gong Intervention on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variability in Hypertensive Adults“: This study investigated the effects of a few minutes of daily Qi Gong practice for a four-week period on hypertensive adults. The results showed a significant reduction in blood pressure and an improvement in heart rate variability, suggesting a benefit to the cardiovascular system.

Why It's Better in the Morning?

Taking care of ourselves in the morning helps us start the day in energetic balance, with excellent self-awareness and an understanding of our needs, which allows us to make the right decisions.

Furthermore, improving our ability to manage stress helps us avoid arguments – especially in the workplace – and be more tolerant in the face of unexpected events or unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Equally important is the sense of gratitude and love that daily practice gives us; gratitude and love not only for ourselves but also for others. All of this further enhances our interactions with the external world, avoiding or mitigating arguments, misunderstandings, and thus eliminating a significant portion of stress.

It is evident, therefore, that if all these benefits are introduced before we start tackling our daily responsibilities, our perception of the day will change radically, becoming brighter and more exciting.

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