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Waking up at Dawn: A Journey Towards Joy, Balance, and Connection with Nature

Waking up at Dawn: A Journey Towards Joy, Balance, and Connection with Nature

Rising before the sunrise, embracing the morning twilight as a precious gift. That’s how my day begins. In harmony with nature, without allowing technology to dictate its rhythm. As soon as I open my eyes, I reach for my phone only to turn off the alarm, aware that messages can wait because I want to dedicate my first breaths of the day to MYSELF.

I go to the kitchen and sip a glass of warm water that gently awakens my body, preparing it for a new day of adventures. I light a stick of palo santo, letting its purifying scent envelop me, and I indulge in a moment of pure and simple presence in a meditation that allows me to tune in with the energy around me. If the weather permits, I do it in the garden, leaning against the majesty of the olive tree that lives next to the gate, feeling the connection with the earth and the beauty of nature. If it’s cold, I stay indoors and retreat to a cozy corner specifically created to nourish my mind and spirit.

After welcoming Life, I prepare for a dynamic activity that awakens my body, and I go for a run for about 30 minutes, letting myself be caressed by the breeze of the early hours. Then, it’s time for Qi Gong, my indispensable practice that allows me to open meridian channels and let vital energy dance within me. This practice gives me vitality and prepares me to embrace the challenges of the day.

Next, I dedicate some moments to journaling, putting my intentions for the day on paper. This simple act allows me to anchor myself and focus my mind, establishing a guide for the actions to come. Then comes the moment to nourish my body with a light breakfast that usually celebrates seasonality and naturalness. Fresh and juicy fruits during the summer or delicious homemade cookies during the winter, made with alternative flours and gluten-free, respecting my dietary choices.

Sometimes I take a cold shower. I’ve been following Wim Hof’s teachings for 4 years now, and thanks to him, I’ve learned the benefits of this practice. Other times, however, my body craves a hug, cuddles, and warmth, so I listen to it and in that case, a warm shower is a must. Cold or warm, after my little bath, I head to my office where emails, clients, and students of the School await me, and when I finish, I enjoy dedicating some time to reading.

Sometimes I immerse myself in imaginary worlds, while other times I explore realms of wisdom and knowledge, and a couple of times a week, I never miss studying languages, one of my passions. Evening, on the other hand, is an opportunity to nurture love and connection, and it starts with a delightful dinner with my partner, a moment when we immerse ourselves in conversations full of laughter and deep connections.

Then, to relax, we indulge in watching a light-hearted movie, which we don’t always finish, but it doesn’t matter, as the movie is just an excuse to be embraced on the couch. That’s how my day ends, with gratitude for the experiences lived. If I can still keep my eyes open, I write down my gratitude in my journal. Isn’t it a beautiful day?

But it hasn’t always been like this. Years ago, I was stressed, and I didn’t even want to think about dedicating time to myself! I remember always waking up grumpy, even when there were no obvious reasons, and as the hours passed, things only got worse. But that is definitely another story for another post.

If you’re also stressed, feel like you’ve had enough, but most importantly, if you’re truly willing to stop living a life devoid of joy and balance, then Alex and I are waiting for you at our Qi Gong Chanel.


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