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A New Perspective on the Beauty of Everyday Life

A New Perspective on the Beauty of Everyday Life

Many years ago, when I lived in the city, in the less attractive part of the city I mean, all I could see from my window were buildings and the traffic on the street. In that context, characterized by a gray and uninspiring atmosphere, it may have seemed difficult to find the beauty that surrounded me. However, even amidst that monotony and, if you will, also sadness, I could always effortlessly capture glimpses of beauty.

Rainy days offered me a unique spectacle: the droplets collecting on the window glass used to caught my attention, and as I joyfully observed them for their beauty, I thought that soon they would resume their journey towards the sky, imagining them flying towards infinity. In those moments, the greyness was tinged with poetry and wonder.

On sunny afternoons, sun rays filtered through the curtains swaying gently with the touch of the wind, and there I stood, gazing at my bare feet resting on the floor, being captivated by that magical moment of light and warmth.

Spring, on the other hand, brought along an enchanting soundscape. Around 5 in the morning, when the city was still asleep but I was wide awake, I would step out onto that tiny balcony to listen to the chirping of birds. It seemed as if they were singing just for me, playing a melody that only I could appreciate.

In autumn, the leaves of the trees turned yellow, and even though that part of the city seemed grayer and more melancholic than usual, I always looked up and focused on the golden crowns of the trees.

Today, I live a completely different life, and a breathtaking view welcomes me beyond the window. A majestic maritime pine tree keeps me company, while the dirt road leading me to the lake is lined with majestic olive trees that watch over me during my morning run.

However, I realize that actually, my happiness remains the same because I was already happy before. In the end, the sky above me is always the same, and the sun rays continue to caress my head in exactly the same way.

Places are just places; it is us who make them beautiful or ugly depending on where we choose to direct our attention. And our happiness depends on this: the things we have chosen to see.

Beauty often hides in the simplest details and ordinary situations.

And you? What have you chosen to see?

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