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Well-being is a Feeling: 3 Reasons Why Feeling Good and Being Happy is Easier Than You Think

Well-being is a Feeling: 3 Reasons Why Feeling Good and Being Happy is Easier Than You Think

Often, in the chaos of everyday life, we find ourselves chasing well-being and happiness as if they were distant and difficult goals to achieve. However, sometimes we forget that well-being is rooted within us and that being happy is easier than we think. In this article, we will explore the three main reasons why well-being and happiness are within our reach, ready to be embraced at any moment.

Choose to See the Beauty and Beauty Will Appear Before You

One of the most powerful ways to achieve well-being is through the conscious choice to see the beauty that surrounds us, as well as thinking positively, of course. Our mind has a significant impact on our reality and emotional state, and when we choose to focus on the beauty and positive aspects of life, on opportunities rather than challenges, on love rather than fear, we begin to transform our perspective. Positive thinking allows us to appreciate what we have, be grateful for the little things, and focus on the present instead of worrying about the future. With consistent practice of observing beauty and shifting our focus towards positive aspects of existence, this new way of perceiving reality will soon become a mental habit that can lead us to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Connection With Oneself and Others

Well-being is closely linked to connection, both with ourselves and with others. Taking care of ourselves is an act of self-love that contributes to our emotional and physical balance. Taking care of ourselves can mean dedicating time to our passions, taking care of our bodies, or simply listening to the needs of our bodies, and naturally cultivating meaningful relationships with people who resonate with us.

In fact, connecting with others emotionally nourishes us and makes us feel part of a community. Empathic exchanges, shared love, and mutual support help us feel understood, accepted, and loved. These positive connections enable us to better face challenges and experience shared joy.

The Practice of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the keys to open the doors of well-being, or rather, to swing them wide open! We often take for granted the small joys and daily blessings that surround us and focus on everything that might be going wrong, perhaps because it seems easier to do so.

Indeed, the practice of gratitude requires patience and concentration because it invites us to pause, reflect, and recognize all the beautiful and meaningful things in our lives. When we focus on what we appreciate, we lighten the burden of worries and troubles, making room for joy and appreciation. To make gratitude our daily ritual, we can keep a journal, writing down the things we are grateful for every day, or simply take occasional breaks to reflect and mentally express gratitude. Gratitude opens our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us and connects us with the present, bringing us a deep sense of inner well-being.


Well-being and happiness are powerful feelings that await us by right; it is a state of being that grows larger the more we cultivate it. Choosing positive thinking, seeing the beauty in the world rather than the ugliness, cultivating meaningful connections, and practicing gratitude are powerful tools to achieve this state of balance and serenity. Remember that well-being is a personal journey, made up of pauses, silences, and moments when we dedicate ourselves exclusively to ourselves, and that each person, regardless of their starting point, has the ability to create their own happiness.

Take care of yourself, cultivate authentic relationships, learn to appreciate the wonders of life, and let happiness fill your heart with increasingly intense emotions every day!

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