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Autumn Celebrations in Italy Countryside (Slow-Living Moments)

Autumn Celebrations in Italy Countryside (Slow-Living Moments)

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, and as I write, I enjoy the aroma of my coffee. I relish these early hours, especially in autumn and winter, because they envelop me in a cocoon of tranquillity and wonder.

Perhaps it’s the profound silence that envelops me, or the way the fragrance of coffee gently winds through my home, embracing me like a comforting friend. As I gaze out the window, I’m entranced by the ethereal morning mist cascading from the hills, caressing my garden, and bestowing life upon the plants and trees.
My cats, nestled on the couch, resemble tiny fur babies, their serene presence adding to the enchantment of the moment.
I can’t quite explain it, but the morning has always been my sanctuary—a sacred hour where I feel deeply connected with myself and the world. It’s during this serenely magical time that I’ve penned most of my blog posts.

Autumn Saturday Italian Morning

Today is Saturday, a profound autumn Saturday, and this morning, I will remain at home, wrapped in the quietude of this special time, as I prepare my Italian Conversation Lesson for the evening.

Today is Jennifer’s lesson, and we will delve into the enchantment of Tuscany during the fall season, providing her with a wealth of new vocabulary and Italian idioms to take home and study.
Jennifer visited Italy for the first time four years ago with her husband, and they stayed in Umbria, near one of my locations. She was my very first customer in my new adventure of offering Italian Conversations to foreigners.

We met by coincidence in Orvieto, a lovely town not far from Bolsena Lake, at Siro’s Bar while I was having breakfast with a cappuccino and a cornetto. It was amusing because I approached her to practice English, and she approached me to practice Italian!

The excuse we gave ourselves to start a conversation was her beautiful dog, a Chihuahua she was cradling in her arms. By the way, in Italy, pets are very welcome in bars, restaurants, hotels, and the majority of public shops. We are incredibly pet-friendly, and Italy is likely one of the most pet-friendly European countries and one of the first in the world.

How I Met the American Lady (My First Customer)

I was saying that we approached each other out of curiosity, both wanting to practice each other’s language, and we ended up discussing topics like nature, animals, and archaeology in both Italian and English.

At the end of the conversation, we exchanged our phone numbers and email addresses, and we agreed to meet the next day at the same bar and at the same time to practice my English and her Italian.

It was on that day that she suggested that I become her “personal conversation teacher” even when she had returned to the USA and was no longer in Italy.
Actually, I had my job (I had and still have) an online Medical Qi Gong School, that’s one of the biggest in Italy, but since about 70% of my job is automated, I thought it was a very good idea.
Besides, Jenny was a very interesting person, and she loved to talk about nature, culture, and ancient Mediterranean traditions, all of which are my passions. So, I said, “Why not?”.

Months later, she asked me to teach conversation to a girlfriend of hers who was moving to Italy, more precisely Tuscany, in a small town called Roccalbenga. So, I gained my second customer.
As time passed, I decided to place some ads on the Internet to teach Italian Conversation during my free time, treating it as a passion. This way, I’d be able to teach in a very professional way but only to those people I resonate with.

A Magnificent Italian Sunrise

I can’t believe that as I penned this blog post, the world transformed from darkness to the embrace of daylight. When I first put words to the page, the outside world was cloaked in the shroud of night, and now, a soft radiance bathes everything in its gentle glow.

I’ll share a picture to allow you to witness the same view that currently enchants me.
This morning’s twilight is nothing short of breath-taking, a masterpiece painted in the sky by the hand of nature. The horizon, adorned with hues of soft rose and apricot, is the canvas for the birth of a majestic sunrise
The world begins to reveal its beauty in the tender embrace of dawn, where the day’s promise is whispered in the hues of the morning sky.

So, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this morning I’ll prepare my new Italian Conversation Lesson, which will revolve around the fall season and the activities that we Italians engage in during this time of the year in the central Italian countryside.
If you are wondering how life in the countryside is during this period, well, let me tell you something about it! Here, I’ll provide you with a little list of some of the activities we typically do in October and November and of course, if you love the Italian language and Italian culture and want to improve your speaking, please feel free to contact me to enrol in my 1-to-1 Italian Conversation Lessons (click here).

Fall Season Italian Countryside Celebrations and Activities

Chestnut Collecting

This is a cherished tradition close to my heart. In the heart of central Italy, as autumn unfurls its splendor, it’s the season of chestnuts. Nature invites you on a leisurely stroll through the woods, where this delightful treasure lies in abundance.
With a handcrafted basket at your side, you gently weave your way through the whispering trees, leaves underfoot, and the earthy fragrance of the woods in your nostrils. It’s a sensory symphony, a quiet communion with the land.
Every step is a connection to generations past, a ritual that harmonizes with the serenity of the natural world. In these woods, among the fallen leaves and dappled sunlight, you discover the gift of chestnuts. This simple act, this timeless tradition, weaves a thread between the seasons, between the heart and the land.

Chestnuts and Other Seasonal Products Town Celebrations

In these months, as the tapestry of autumn unfolds, towns come alive with celebrations that pay homage to the harvest traditions of ages past. It’s not limited to the rolling hills of Tuscany alone, but rather, it’s a symphony that resonates across the entire country.

In small towns, weekends are adorned with celebrations that beckon you to partake in a sensory feast. The heart of these gatherings is a treasure trove of seasonal delights, a manifestation of the earth’s generosity. Here, the products are a reflection of the land’s abundant embrace: golden honey kissed by wildflowers, the enigmatic allure of truffles unearthed from the soil’s depths, jams that capture the essence of sun-ripened fruits, wines that carry the whispers of vineyards, and, of course, chestnuts in their rustic glory.
Amidst the bounty, there’s a nod to history, for antique sellers unfurl their treasures, tales of another era waiting to be discovered. Local artisans proudly showcase their creations, the fruits of their labour in vibrant display.

All Saints' Celebration

For the past 20 years or so, Italian kids and young people have started to celebrate the Halloween party, but the older generations continue to maintain the traditions of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. They visit cemeteries to place flowers on the graves of their deceased relatives and friends.

Olive Harvest and Oil Making

October and November are truly abundant months, and I can’t cover everything that you can gather from nature during this time of the year! 

Amidst the tranquillity of the countryside, another treasured tradition emerges—the olive harvest. In the charming villages of central Italy, many are stewards of their own parcels of land, where the gnarled olive trees await their annual gathering. The olive harvest is a time steeped in significance, serving as an occasion for reunions and the strengthening of bonds.
The rhythm of the olive harvest is akin to a heartfelt symphony. It begins with a simple call to friends, a harmonious gathering for the shared purpose of collecting the precious fruits of the earth. As one grove is cleared, the group moves to another, and with each shared moment, the sense of togetherness deepens. The olive trees, heavy with their cargo, bear witness to the connection between people and the land.

Once the last olive has been cradled in the palms of those who tend to them, the next chapter begins. The olives are transported to the olive mill, where their essence is transformed into liquid gold. And in this age-old tradition, the richness of the land is preserved in every drop.
What’s truly enchanting about this practice is its contribution to the essence of central Italian cuisine. The olive harvest, much like the grape harvest, infuses the region’s dishes with purity and authenticity, for the products used are locally sourced, echoing the rhythm of the land and its people. 

Picking Autumn Fruits and Tidying the Garden

Another activity involves picking the autumn fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, kiwis, and more, and then cleaning the garden before winter arrives. Some gardens need to be cleaned even twice a day because certain leaves, like those of the persimmon tree, fall incessantly at all times! I remember there was a period when I used to gather tons of dry leaves in a wheelbarrow.

And last but not least, preparing jams and dried fruits for the winter

Just as you do in the summer with tomatoes, cherries, and others, in autumn, you prepare them to enjoy at breakfast during the winter and also to give as gifts to your friends and family.
For me, this is a very special moment because I love drying figs and making blackberry jam. I promise that one day I’ll show you the whole process, from the harvest. 

What happened with the American Woman?

Well, Jenny’s friend, Martha, is still living here in Tuscany, and once in a while, we meet online to have Italian Conversations. However, now it’s not as necessary for her since she speaks like a pro after living here!
Jenny, on the other hand, is currently searching for a summer house to buy in the North of Latium. It’s just as nice as Tuscany because it’s literally in the border but more affordable, and twice a month, she continues with her Italian Conversation Lessons with me.

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