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Beyond Matter: The Existence of Vital Energy in the Modern World

Beyond Matter: The Existence of Vital Energy in the Modern World

Does vital energy really exist, or is it just a fantasy of some visionaries and mystics? This question still seems to trouble many skeptics who deny the existence of subtle and invisible forces. However, in 2023, it is astonishing that there are still those who refuse to acknowledge the evidence and ridicule those who “believe” in the existence of such energies.

Let’s consider emotions. Although we cannot touch or see them with our eyes, we can certainly feel their effects. Love, joy, happiness, or compassion are emotions that permeate our human experience. But where do these emotions reside? If we were to open a person’s heart during surgery, would we find a small emotional compartment? Obviously not. Emotions are energy, an invisible force that animates our lives. It is time to move beyond the reductionist view that relegates vital energy to the realm of fantasies.

To support this claim, we can refer to numerous studies and works conducted in the field of quantum physics. This branch of science has shown that the universe is composed of energy and that everything that exists, including ourselves, is energy in different forms. The subatomic particles that make up our bodies and everything around us are energetic vibrations. Therefore, it is logical to assume that vital energy, which permeates and animates our being, is real.

An example of a scholar who has dedicated his life to researching vital energy is Joe Dispenza, a renowned neuroscientist and researcher. Through his studies and experiences, Dispenza has demonstrated the direct influence of energy on our health and well-being. He has shown how the practice of consciously activating and directing energy can lead to profound changes in our lives, both physically and mentally.

In the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese philosophical text, Lao Tzu wisely states, “We mold clay to make a vessel, but it is the emptiness inside that makes it useful. We fashion wood for a house, but it is the empty space within that makes it livable“. This teaching invites us to transcend the limited perception that focuses only on the visible physical form and to embrace the power and presence of the underlying energy.

Qi Gong aims to help us feel and consciously move vital energy within our bodies. Through specific exercises, breathing, and concentration, we can connect with the energetic flow that runs through us and learn to manage it to improve our health and well-being.

Therefore, those who deny the existence of vital energy in the modern world deprive themselves of a deeper understanding of the reality that surrounds us. The invisible and mysterious forces that govern life are increasingly being studied and recognized scientifically. It is time to embrace this knowledge and open ourselves to the infinite possibilities that vital energy offers.

If you are interested in exploring vital energy and experiencing the transformative potential of Qi Gong, I invite you to visit our YouTube channel, Mantis Qi Gong. There you will find resources and information that will help you embark on your journey towards greater energetic awareness. Do not let prejudices or skepticism hold you back, but give yourself the opportunity to discover the world beyond matter and open the doors to a new understanding of yourself and the universe that surrounds you.

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