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The Importance of Embodied Presence: The First Step to Accessing the Power of Vital Energy

The Importance of Embodied Presence: The First Step to Accessing the Power of Vital Energy

Have you ever wondered why many people fail to perceive energy and harness it to heal their own traumas, create their own reality, and live their ideal life? The answer lies in the fact that people often are not present in their own bodies and do not know how to connect with them. This is because during our education, we were never taught the importance of listening and feeling our bodies, which, let’s remember, are the vehicles through which the soul manifests itself.

The Neglected Body

Let’s reflect on the fact that in school, subjects like physical education, music, and art, which should teach us to take care of our bodies, spirits, and creativity, are often neglected. This attitude has led to a disconnection from our bodies and a lack of awareness of how to harness the magical power that resides within each one of us.

Embodied Presence

The key to using our personal power, to creating the life we want, to transforming pain into strength, doubts into certainties, and sadness into joy, lies in being present in our bodies. We cannot expect to use our energy, creativity, without first learning to feel our bodies.

To be present, to access intuition, and to express who we are authentically and unmasked, we must bring the soul back into the body, recognizing that the soul and body are not separate but part of a single entity. We are spiritual beings living the earthly experience.

Transcend and Integrate

The concept of “transcendence” does not imply leaving the body, as many might think. Transcendence means learning to integrate the visible part (the body) with the invisible part (the soul). This process of integration allows us to connect with the power of vital energy and harness it for healing, creating our reality, and manifesting the ideal life we desire.

Qi Gong: A Great Way to Connect Soul and Body

This ancient practice has proven to be a powerful tool for connecting soul and body through a combination of slow movements, conscious breathing, and mental focus. Through the practice of Qi Gong, it is possible to reach a state of deep connection between the visible—body—and the invisible—soul.

During Qi Gong practice, we are invited to slow down the frantic pace of daily life and dedicate time to ourselves. We focus on breath awareness and perform fluid and harmonious movements that help relax the body and rebalance vital energy. Each breath becomes an opportunity to connect with the essence of the soul within us. Qi Gong invites us to be present in the present moment, and as you know, only when we are present we can listen to the soul.

As we progress in the practice of Qi Gong, we begin to perceive a harmonious flow of vital energy expanding within our being. We feel more vital, balanced, and in tune with our deep essence. Qi Gong becomes a bridge that connects us to universal energy and the ancestral wisdom of nature, allowing us to experience the fusion of soul and body.


To access the power of vital energy, we must begin by being present in our bodies. We cannot underestimate the importance of listening and feeling our bodies. Transcendence does not mean separating from the body but integrating the soul with its physical manifestation

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