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Empower Your 2024: Carving Time for Self-Discovery and Fulfillment

Empower Your 2024: Carving Time for Self-Discovery and Fulfillment

Today, I want to talk about how important it is to manifest yourself in this world—important for your mental, physical, and emotional health, I mean. I’ve been searching for myself since I can remember, and today I’ve started to believe that this is my whole life purpose because I don’t know another way to live that isn’t searching for who I am. Living without knowing who you are and, as a consequence, without manifesting yourself in the world, could be very frustrating and cause very serious health issues, including fibromyalgia, depression, and in some cases, even cancer. So, if we want to be happy and healthy, we need to prioritize the research of ourselves and not stop until we have found answers.

Years ago, I ignored this powerful inner call because I needed to focus on my job (I was creating a new company from scratch). Consequently, I left my real needs behind to make space for my duties. As a consequence of ignoring my true self, I started to neglect my predisposition to go into nature, study ancient history, languages, philosophy, and human behaviour to occupy all my time working and hustling. In fact, for almost 3 years, I completely forgot who I was.

2023: A New Beginning

Thankfully, 2023 was different for me because, at the beginning of the year, I decided to give more time to my passions to connect with my more authentic self. And now, as 2023 has just ended, I can tell you without any doubt that making space to be with yourself and discover more about who you are, is crucial to your happiness.
But I want to tell you more: in just 15 minutes per day, you can achieve incredible goals if you persevere for a whole year.

Did you know that 15 minutes a day equates to 7.5 hours per month and 90 hours per year? Do you have any idea about how many things you can do in that time if you persevere in something?

For example, I’ve learned English using this “method”, as well as started to train with kettlebells, changing my whole-body constitution. Of course, the more you dedicate to yourself, the better it is, and 15 minutes per day is just the beginning. I’m sure that you can make a little more space in your life for some nature walking twice a week, don’t you?

The Power of 15 Minutes

But I know how life goes: “I have kids,” “I have a husband,” “I have to hang out with my friends”…and bloody, bloody blah. But the truth is that if you’ve decided to put yourself in the first place, nothing and nobody should be able to forbid you from accomplishing what you want (and you want to find your purpose, don’t you?).

So, my desire for you in 2024 is that you will be able to put yourself at the top of the list and the others at the second or even the third. Take action now and write down 5 things you would like to accomplish in 2024 and choose the one that with just 15 minutes per day can be completed in one year. Then make yourself a promise: you will dedicate that time every day, no matter what, for the next twelve months.

After that, choose another goal that needs more time to be completed or learned (for example, learning a new language) and start making space in your calendar for it. At the beginning, you can start dedicating just 2 hours a month, and then, as time passes and you can organize your life better, it can become 1 hour a week or even more.

You decide.

If you have not much time in your calendar, here are a few time-consuming activities that you can eliminate or reduce to make more space for yourself.

I Know You Won't Like This

Friends: Is it really necessary to see your friends every week? Can’t you see them once a month? Do you need to talk with them every day on WhatsApp or Instagram?

Children: I know what you’re about to say! “Children are not a time-consuming activity! How you dare!” I can hear your disappointed voice. Of course, a baby or a 3-year-old child needs your time and attention, but a 6-7-year-old one is perfectly capable of making their bed, setting and unsetting the table, picking up their clothes, and more. Of course everything will be done according to their age, I understand, but it will be done

Husband: I don’t know you, and I don’t know where you are from, but here in Italy (especially in rural zones), wives are like mothers and they do almost everything for their men: dinner and lunch, even if they are not at home (if they aren’t, they usually prepare lunch or dinner the day before), the laundry, picking up their clothes from anywhere in the house… I repeat, I don’t know if in your country there is a similar situation, but if there is, you need to stop and reorganize housework according to your priorities (and your main priority is you).

You Can Do This Darling

Excessive Social Media Usage: Limit the time spent on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or X. Scrolling through social media can consume a significant portion of your day. Allocate this time for self-care or pursuing personal goals.

Overcommitting to Social Events: It’s common for women to be involved in various social activities. While socializing is important, overcommitting can be draining. Assess your commitments and consider scaling back on less fulfilling or essential events to create more personal time.

Perfectionism in Housekeeping: Reevaluate the standards for cleanliness and organization at home or, if you can’t, consider hiring a cleaning service.

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