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February is Here Once again!

February is Here Once again!

I can’t express how eagerly I’ve been longing its arrival. February is probably my favourite month of the year because within its short span, you can experience the best of every season through sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, and above all, feeling.
It’s a pity that it passes by so quickly! 

You might not agree with me and think that February isn’t as magical as I’ve described. However, let me assure you that I’m painting a picture of February here in the central Italian countryside, specifically at Bolsena Lake, where the climate is consistently mild and gentle. This month blesses us with breath-taking sunsets and warm afternoon sunshine.
Now, let’s delve into the wonders of this marvellous and enchanting month through some typical moments from my everyday life in February.

Embracing the Early Morning Energies: A Journey of Grounding and Vitality

Firstly, I find myself waking up at 5 am once again, as my body senses the gradual rise of Yang energy. I feel the urge to rise early in the morning, a change from December and January when I used to wake up at 6:30.
But it’s not just me who wakes up earlier; my two cats also join in. At 5 o’clock, Sol starts meowing, asking to go outside, and Zombo follows her.

After completing my morning rituals, such as cleaning my tongue, drinking hot water, practicing Qi Gong, and journaling, and, of course, enjoying a cup of strong Italian coffee, it’s time to step outside into the garden with my bare feet to ground myself in the earth and witness the first light of the day.

I won’t deny that it’s cold outside; indeed, it is. So, I bring a hot water bottle with me to enjoy the rising day without freezing.
I revel in the sensation of the wet ground beneath my feet, absorbing the earth’s energy, while simultaneously, the sun nourishes my entire being as its rays penetrate through my eyes. In just 15 minutes, I’m able to soak up the energy of both the Earth and the Sky, infusing my day with positivity and vitality.

Immersed in Nature's Harmony: Revelations of February's Essence

Meanwhile, the crisp air fills my lungs, refreshing my body from within and giving me a renewed strength and vigor. As everything around me awakens, human voices blend with the songs of birds, the rustling of tree branches swayed by the wind, and occasionally the sounds of wild pigs and foxes. It’s a marvellous and breath-taking symphony, a timeless representation of life itself.

If the weather is too cold or rainy, I prefer to stay indoors, sipping my coffee and eagerly awaiting the light that filters through the living room window. I love that brief moment when the light begins to emerge from behind the hills, transforming the darkness into a myriad of silhouettes that shape the world around me. For me, this is the most magical moment of the day, even though it passes by so quickly.

Usually, around noon, I go out for a walk in the hills to admire our magnificent lake from above and enjoy in the gentle February sun. While it may not give you a tan, the sun’s rays nourish your skin without causing any damage.
During my walks, I become increasingly aware of the magic of this month. At certain hours, like noon, it feels as if it were spring or even early summer, while at other times, such as late at night, the reminder of winter is palpable.

Exploring Nature's Awakening: Fragrances and Flora of Central Italy

The scent of chimneys wafts through the air, originating from the few houses hidden among the woods on the Umbria border. It’s a delicate fragrance, sweet like exotic incense, that envelops you, constantly reminding you that you reside in a paradise.

I’m not an expert in botany, but during my walks, I notice that some plant species have already begun to awaken, while others remain dormant. For instance, there’s a yellow flower known as “mimosa” typically expected to bloom in March. However, here in central Italy, it often blooms as early as February, adorning our surroundings with stunning golden gardens and natural spaces amidst the woods.

Additionally, rosemary and lavender may also bloom in February, filling the air with their delightful fragrance, accompanying you along the path for kilometres, and attracting numerous insects like bees and bumblebees. 

Thus, a walk becomes an opportunity to gather some herbs for homemade herbal teas to share with friends and family, perhaps accompanied by a delicious blackberry pie made from the fruits you picked and froze back in September for such special occasions.

The next week, I’ll share with you about the enchanting sunsets on the lake, where the clouds and water merge in a breath-taking dance of pink hues among the hills. Do not miss it!

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