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A November Journey: Navigating Fogs, Felines, and Unexpected Discoveries

A November Journey: Navigating Fogs, Felines, and Unexpected Discoveries

Today is Monday, a November-ending Monday, and everything is grey and foggy outside. Even the trees, which are supposed to be yellow and brown, seem to be grey too. Strangely, the temperature is not as low as it should be at this time of year, allowing me to keep my window open and maintain a comfortable 20 degrees in my living room (the place where I’m currently writing).

It’s an unusual morning. Despite the weather, there are a lot of birds singing outside, creating an atmosphere that, in some sense, feels like the Spring season. This unexpected serenade gives me the strength to write, even though I’m tired.
As usual, my cats are sleeping. Zombo is here, on the chair beside me, and Sol is in the bedroom, sleeping beside Alex.

I adore November foggy days; they carry a mix of nostalgia, wisdom, introspection, and a longing for simplicity. In November, I feel at home.

The Morning is the Best Time to do Something for Yourself

I awoke late this morning, exceptionally late compared to my usual 5 o’clock wake-up time. The reason behind my delayed start is that I was unwell for the past three days, necessitating ample rest. Consequently, I made the choice to sleep in until 8:30I understand that 8:30 might not be considered particularly late for many, as it aligns with the waking hour of most individuals. However, for me, by 8:30, half the day has already slipped away!

Do you realize the multitude of things you can accomplish from 5 to 8 in the morning? It’s akin to experiencing an additional “mini day,” offering a precious window to engage in activities you might not otherwise consider. Whether it’s studying, training, meditating, or journaling, the early hours present a unique opportunity for personal growth. However, there’s a key condition: the activity should be connected to your well-being. The crucial aspect is dedicating the initial hours of the day to yourself, allowing you to replenish your energy, and face the day with strength, mindfulness, and happiness. 

I mentioned being sick as the reason for my late wake-up today, but in truth, that’s not entirely accurate. The reality is, I could have risen earlier if only I had gone to sleep before midnight! Instead, I found myself engrossed in YouTube shorts until almost 1 am, and perhaps that’s the genuine explanation for my late start.
Please don’t misunderstand; I wasn’t idly engaged in a leisurely activity. I was immersed in videos that prompted reflection and allowed me to release my emotions. Given the phase of life I’m currently navigating, it’s evident that I need to unlock something within myself and certain types of videos serve as valuable aids on this introspective journey.

Your Personal Growth is Everywhere

Allow me to clarify further. For instance, when I watch videos of individuals rescuing animals in peril, sometimes even risking their own lives, it has a profound impact on me. In those moments, my heart expands and warms, as I’m not merely witnessing one being aiding another; I’m witnessing the essence of humanity itself. It’s a glimpse into the beauty and capability that resides within us. This experience instantaneously elevates my internal vibration, facilitating a connection with a higher level effortlessly, making me feel truly alive!

Yes, at times, it can be painful. Not because the energy itself is inherently painful, but due to its sheer potency. My body is not yet conditioned to manage such intensity; it requires training to handle this force effectively.
Just like the discomfort experienced at the gym when you’re striving to build muscle, expanding one’s energy capacity can also induce a form of pain. Yet, it’s a beneficial pain.

For me, everything revolves around personal growth. However, as I’ve mentioned on this page, I no longer place my belief in any specific technique; instead, I believe in the personal will to change. If one truly desires growth and aims to become a better person (not necessarily perfect, but improved), it’s achievable without relying on any specific technique. Certainly, it might be more challenging, demanding continuous self-work every day and every moment, rather than confining it to specific times, like 10 minutes in the morning during meditation or twice a week in yoga lessons.

This perspective may appear more demanding due to the ongoing commitment it requires. It differs significantly from the convenience of, for example, attending church on Sundays to seek forgiveness for sins, only to revert to less virtuous behaviour until the following Sunday. This is precisely why I strive to glean insights from everyday experiences, even from activities like watching YouTube shorts. The good news is that anyone can adopt this approach and learn from their daily encounters.

La Regina Nera

The Black Queen

However, the last few weeks have been quite eventful for us. A female cat with her two kittens appeared in our garden, seeking help, and, of course, we couldn’t refuse. We named her “La Regina Nera” (The Black Queen) and adopted her temporarily until we could find her a permanent home.
We provided her with food to help her produce milk for her kittens but we were aware that time was of the essence, especially in the countryside of Valdilago, where life for little cats can be dangerous. The wind can blow at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour, and November brings rainy weather, making it damp due to our proximity to the lake. It’s not an ideal place for kittens, so we knew we needed to act swiftly.
I’ve spent countless hours searching and calling various animal associations in the surrounding area, seeking someone who could assist with the kittens. My primary goal was to ensure their safety, and once that was secured, I planned to find a suitable solution for Regina Nera as well

Fusilla (Regina's daughter)

Donate is Always Important

I won’t share every single email I’ve sent or every call I’ve made because that would make a very boring post. However, believe me when I say that I spoke with almost 20 people before finding a solution for the kittens.
The main problem is that these associations don’t have enough money to cover the costs of feeding, tests, medication, and sterilization. Most of them hadn’t believed me when I called and told them that they would have the money they needed if they would help.

Finally, I found Francesca, the president of Bastet, a feline association in the Viterbo province (Latium Region) and she trusted my word. So, Manuela, a voluntary, was introduced to me, and within a couple of days, the baby cats were safe at her home. As promised, I made a donation to support the food and the medication for the two kittens.
But there was still a problem: Regina hadn’t found a home yet and needed to be sterilized before getting pregnant again

So, we called our vet and asked for an appointment to proceed. However, another problem arose: after the operation, Regina should have stayed at home, not outside where she currently lived. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep her in our home due to Sol’s aggressive behaviour (she gets furious and starts to destroy everything when other cats are in the house, and she barely tolerates Zombo).
Determined to find a solution, we called Manuela once again, offering another donation. She kindly accepted, and Regina is now with her until we can find here forever home.

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