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Unveiling Nature’s Healing Secrets With Eva Julián’s Work

Unveiling Nature’s Healing Secrets With Eva Julián’s Work

Today is another lovely November morning, wrapped in a gentle grey fog that adds a touch of mystery to the day. The air is crisp, carrying the promise of colder times ahead. Chimneys puff out smoke in the surroundings, adding a cosy warmth to the scene. 

The scent of burning wood wafts through the air, a comforting perfume that speaks of crackling fires and snug moments. It invites you to slow down and relish the season’s tangible embrace.
As you breathe in, you can feel the cool moisture on your skin, a reminder of nature’s transition. November’s nuances come alive; the mist’s soft touch, the lingering chill, and the familiar scent of wood smoke. It’s a sensory experience that encourages you to appreciate the subtle beauty of the season.

November in the Countryside

The countryside is embraced by the gentle caress of chestnut, nuts, and olive wood scents, a poetic symphony that dances in the air. 
And suddenly, you feel an irresistible yearning to linger at home, to pick up the phone and talk with someone dear while standing by the window, feeling the warmth of a hot drink placed on your knees.
I adore this period of the year because you can slow down without feeling guilty

Autumn was made for this. To contemplate life that passes like a series of slides in front of our eyes, waiting to be noticed and appreciated. Fall is the season where you are invited to pay attention to details, to appreciate them and to take care of them. It’s not the time to tell stories yet, but that time is arriving, and you can feel it because the will of togetherness every day becomes stronger.

The Sound of Life

Recently, I’ve been exploring Eva Julián’s remarkable work on how nature sounds not only influence our entire bioenergetic field but can also help us heal from diseases. If you continue reading, I promise it will be time well spent, and you will not only learn something new but something truly life-changing.

But let’s start from the beginning. Who’s Eva and when did I meet her?
Eva Julián is a musician, composer, and ethnomusicologist specialized in bioacoustics, the science that investigates the effects of sounds on the human body and their therapeutic applications. She has been researching the sounds of nature since 1985 and recording in various natural locations around the world to design and personalize therapeutic soundscapes for hospitals, medical centres, individuals with specific needs, or those undergoing significant life changes.

The first time I met Eva was two years ago. I don’t exactly remember what I was looking for on the Internet, but I definitely wasn’t feeling well, and as is often the case in those situations, I was seeking answers.
I vividly recall, as if it were today, that the very first moment I heard her voice, I felt at home because deep down, I knew she was speaking the Truth. Actually, from a certain point onward, I didn’t feel the need to pay as much attention to her words because I started to listen with my cells.

So, What Was She Saying?

She was in an interview with a Spanish freelance journalist in which she shared the first time she realized that nature could interact with all of us, helping to recalibrate our energetic field. This recalibration allows us to recognize our pains and heal physical and emotional illnesses.
As the interview progressed, I began to cry, not out of sadness, but because I was hearing the Truth.

When you hear the Truth, something extraordinary happens in your body. From one moment to another, you find yourself managing levels of energy that are physically impossible to handle if you are not accustomed to it. So, as your body cannot handle it, the only way to avoid collapsing is by crying.

As a child, and not only then, I always used to go to nature when I was sad, confused, anxious, or not feeling well in some way. I’ve always felt restored once there. And I know that for many of you, the feeling is the same. Now, thanks to Eva, the feelings I’ve always experienced in nature since I was a child have a scientific explanation. It’s no longer something subjective but a proven reality.

What Happen When You Step Into the Nature

I’ll try to explain briefly what happens when you go into nature, but if you speak Spanish, I invite you to watch the complete interview here.

This is a fact: when you enter a natural place, like a forest, a lonely beach, the mountains, the woods… you step into a bioenergetic field that has its own rules and vibration. The place itself recognizes you the moment you step in, acknowledging you as part of it. For this reason, if you don’t resonate with the vibration the field is producing—perhaps because you’re sad, tired, or stressed—the whole system will do everything possible to help you adapt to its frequency. In other words, you cannot enter a forest stressed and expect to remain that way because the forest will not allow it (and these are good news, aren’t they?).

Of course, not all natural places are useful for all people at all times, and it’s here where Eva’s work starts to be crucial in understanding what’s better for us and what we should avoid in certain circumstances. Just to give you an example, according to Eva’s studies, if you are sad, you shouldn’t go to the sea during a tempest because when you come back home, you will be completely distraught.

So, today’s invitation is to inspire you to step outside and immerse yourself in the nature, letting the brisk breeze caress your face, and hearing the rustle of leaves beneath your feet. Today, allow yourself to enjoy the earthy scent of fallen leaves and let the morning birds whisper the secrets of happiness, clarity, and serenity. Because, truly, there is no better moment for healing than NOW.

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