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A Slow-Living Morning in Tuscany: Embracing the Essence of Fall

A Slow-Living Morning in Tuscany: Embracing the Essence of Fall

In the centre of Italy, where the golden autumn sun kisses the rolling hills and paints the vineyards in warm hues, a typical morning in the fall unfolds with an enchanting, slow-paced rhythm. It’s a morning that begins with nature’s gentle embrace and is steeped in romanticism. Let’s step into this Tuscan atmosphere and savor the beauty of my slow-living morning.

A Gentle Awakening

Long before the first light of dawn caresses the earth, I wake to the soft purring of my faithful feline companion. Zombo, my cat, a cherished part of my slow-living world, greets me with morning kisses, an intimate ritual that sets the tone for the day.

With grace and intention, I proceed to the bathroom. Here, I engage in an Ayurvedic morning ritual that awakens my senses and connects me with my inner self. Cleaning my tongue is more than a daily practice; it’s a  quiet moment of self-care that amplifies my connection to my body.

Meditation and Qi Gong Practice

The Tuscan morning tranquility invites me to step outside onto my garden, where nature itself becomes my meditation partner. With closed eyes, I embrace the serene sounds of nature. The stillness of the lake and the rustling leaves of ancient olive trees cradle my practice.

With a gentle, flowing grace, I transition into Qi Gong, allowing my body to move in harmony with the gentle winds that sweep across the hills. My slow, mindful movements bring a sense of calm and balance.

Meditation and Qi Gong prepare me for the day ahead, grounding me in the present moment. Afterward, I spend ten quiet minutes journaling, capturing my thoughts and dreams on paper, an act of introspection that sets my intentions for the day.

Coffee With a View

Now, it’s time for the scent of freshly brewed coffee to fill the crisp morning air. I prepare a cup of my favorite brew, savoring the aroma that dances with the fragrance of the surrounding vineyards.

Wrapped in a hand-knit blanket, I step onto my terrace and take a seat. The world awakens with the sunrise, and I gaze out at the rolling hills, the vineyards stretching toward the horizon, and the serene lake below. This is my morning ritual: a moment of gratitude, of feeling one with the landscape that whispers stories of timelessness.

With the first light fully illuminating my garden, I gather the fruits of the season. Autumn has arrived, and my garden and the surroundings rewards me with a bountiful harvest of apples, pears, and dark berries. These gifts from the earth become my morning feast.

Sitting at a rustic wooden table on the terrace, I savor the crisp sweetness of an apple and the juicy perfection of a ripe pear. The dark berries burst with flavor, a symphony of tastes that celebrates the abundance of fall in Tuscany.

An Invigorating Shower

After this feast of nature, I retreat to my bathroom once more for an invigorating shower. The water, cool as the morning breeze, rejuvenates my body. The scent of my favorite soap, reminiscent of Tuscan wildflowers, fills the air, and I emerge from the shower feeling renewed.

Now, wrapped in a fluffy robe, I make my way to my office. It’s time to immerse myself in the world of wellness and well-being, to connect with my clients, and to share the wisdom of slow living in Tuscany. My computer awaits, and as I begin my work, I carry the serenity and romanticism of the morning with me, allowing it to infuse every aspect of my day.

This is my typical early part of the morning in Tuscany, a symphony of beauty, peace, and gratitude, where nature, ritual, and reflection blend seamlessly with the essence of slow living. It’s a morning that sets the stage for a day filled with intention, balance, and love for the world I’ve created in this tranquil corner of Italy.

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